Nio, a Chinese electric vehicle startup that is most famous for the EP9 electric supercar, is now looking to ascertain its position in the emerging electric vehicle market with a model destined for series production.

Following the introduction of the EP9 autonomous electric supercar and the Eve concept, Nio is now looking to expand its portfolio with something that will become more readily available to the mass public. For now, we don’t have a lot of details to share, other than the lonely teaser image from the side that was posted on the company’s Facebook account. The electric manufacturer hasn’t shared a lot of details, only adding it will be seen in full later this month at Auto Shanghai 2017 as the brand’s first ever road-going model, set to premiere for the Chinese market.

Nio’s production model comes with a sky-blue paint probably inspired by the Eve concept, but we also get a contrasting black roof. Judging by the design we might be looking at something that is highly desirable all around the world these days – a sports utility vehicle. Interestingly enough, this might be a direct competitor to the Tesla Model X, taking into account the rear doors are cut into the roof – so we might get another case of gullwing doors.



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