Nissan’s Sunderland Plant Will Build the New Invitation Model image

Nissan announced recently that it plans to build the new compact Invitation at its Sunderland factory as part of a £125million investment programme which will see 2,000 new jobs created.

The project is supported by the government with a £9.3million grant. Currently the Sunderland plant produces about 480,000 Qashqai, Juke and Note models annually, and 100,000 Invitation model production is expected from mid-2013.

‘It is fantastic news that Nissan will be building the new model in Sunderland. The investment is a boost for jobs at Nissan’s plant as well as the wider supply chain,’ declared business secretary Vince Cable.

Trevor Mann, Nissan’s senior vice president for manufacturing in Europe, said that there has been a competitive bidding from other Nissan plants across the world to build the new car. Sunderland saw very high production rates and it has made year-on-year improvements for several years, therefore the privilege to build the new model.

“The Nissan Sunderland journey is a remarkable story, demonstrating British manufacturing capabilities at their best – excellent training, a committed, skilled workforce and brilliant, determined leadership,” declared Tommy Brennan, regional official of the GMB union.