Nissan “Green” Car Carrier on Japan Shipping Route image

As it is well known, not only cars take a splash in the new “green world”.

Recently, Nichioh Maru, a large car carrier for 1,380 vehicles, was unveiled by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. It provides a 20% fuel saving comparing to the ships without this technology. This means almost 1,400 fuel tons annually and 4,200 tons of CO2 emissions.

Built by Shin Kurushima Dockyard, it is the first coastal ship from Japan that has solar power panels and is propelled by an electronically controlled 18,000 hp diesel engine.
The engine is an MAN B&W 8S50ME-C8. The 281 solar panels on the deck are the ones that power LED lighting on the entire ship. The specially coated 557-feet hull reduces drag. The inside of the ship resembles a big multistory garage with tie-downs in the floor, which prevent the ship from balancing too much.

The Nichioh Maru can reach a top speed of 24.4 mph (22.1 knots) and it will make six sailings per week (2,200 miles). The ship will operate on the Kanto (Oppama)- Kinki (Kobe) – Kyushu (Kanda)route.
Overview of the Nichioh Maru
• Length: 169.95 m
• Width: 26.00 m
• Total weight: 11,400 tons
• Load capacity
– Completed vehicles: 880 units (without truck trailers: 1,380 units)
– With trailers: 115 units
• Operating speed: 21.2 knots