Nissan Begins Production of the 2013 Leaf in the UK image

Nissan begins production of its 2013 Leaf at the Sunderland plant, UK.

Today, March 28th, Nissan has begun production of its new Leaf at the Sunderland plant, UK, which means that the model is now manufactured on three continents, the other two being the US and Japan. The automaker has made an investment of $635 million to get the plant ready for the new Leaf and its battery production, supporting more than 2,000 jobs in UK’s auto industry. The model will be exported to more than 80 countries and is the first out of five new products to be manufactured at this plant in the following three years.

“The Government has committed £400 million to make the UK a leading market for ultra low carbon vehicles. Nissan’s announcement shows the confidence the company has in the skills-base and the business environment in the UK and that the UK is open for business,” said Prime Minister David Cameron.

According to the automaker the 2013 Leaf has at least 100 updates, a range of 123 miles (199km), a shorter recharge time, suspension settings especially designed for the European roads and many other features which make the model accessible to more European drivers.