The Japanese automaker – fighting against a relatively unknown rival, China’s BYD – is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of electric taxi cars, thanks to the Leaf compact and e-NV200 van.

The company has sold last year in Europe alone more than 500 units – and they recently decided to show us what they’ve been up to in this specialized segment. For starters, the company says the Leaf and e-NV200 are used across five continents, 26 countries and in 113 cities all around the world. The first time Nissan’s all-electric cars became relevant as a taxi option was back in 2013 when a company in Japan decided to adopt revolutionary measures by converting their entire fleet of ICE-powered taxis into Nissan Leafs.

Taxi companies in places such as Spain, The Netherlands, Hungary, the UK, Jordan, Mexico and Poland have now switched to Nissan electric taxis. The main assets for using all-electric cars are the lower emissions, increased savings and lower maintenance fees. In addition, the electric taxis are comfortable and quieter – enhancing rider comfort. Interestingly, we can also see an added benefit – people that would otherwise not consider a plug in model have a chance to actually test one, even if they do it as a rider. And seeing an all-electric car perform taxi duties – which is a hard workplace for any car – is surely increasing user confidence in terms of overall reliability.



  1. Okay, Europe has the e-nv200, but why not America? I want a e-nv200 cargo van, but according to my local dealer Nissan has no plans to sell it in America. Why not?


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