Nissan Brings Quick Chargers for EVs in France and the Netherlands image

Nissan recently unveiled the first electric auto Quick Chargers in the Netherlands and France.

These Quick Chargers are the first from a total of 400 free pieces produced and donated all over Europe by Nissan. These chargers allow a compliant EV to recharge in 30 minutes to 80% capacity. The Netherlands already plans to make a 40-unit network which will allow motorists to be within 30 km of a Quick Charger anywhere in the country. The first Nissan Quick Charger is to be installed in the central town of Amersfoort, close to a strategic auto junction.

In France, the first Quick Charger is to be installed in Haguenau, at a Cora supermarket.
With the 400 units donated by Nissan across Europe, networks will be created, which will allow Nissan LEAF and other ChadeMo EVs to travel further. This is the first of the 6-charger network for the Alsace region, selected for its strong commitment to EVs. France will install a total of 40 Quick Chargers all over the country.

“The installation of these first ChadeMo compliant Quick Chargers is an important moment for zero emission mobility in Europe. With the 400 chargers we have donated and the thousands our partners will install over the coming years, electric vehicle ownership will be opened up to a larger number of people in Europe”, said Oliver Paturet, General Manager of Zero Emission Strategy for Nissan Europe.