Nissan Buys Back Two Leafs Which Received Complaints in Arizona image

Nissan has agreed to buy back two of the seven Leaf EVs which received complaints from their Arizona owners.

A small group of Phoenix customers says that their Leafs’ batteries have already started to lose capacity after only 2 years of use. Nissan took the 7 Leafs in question and tested them, finding that the cars simply had higher-than-normal mileage. To solve the issue the automaker has asked Chelsea Sexton, electric-car advocate and former General Motors marketing manager, to create a worldwide group for independent investigation of Nissan.

“We are not happy that we have any customers with concerns and we’re working hard to improve our customer communications to better meet their expectations,” said Nissan chief spokesman Dave Reuter. “In Phoenix, we have sold approximately 450 vehicles, with the majority of those to very satisfied owners.”

This issue has appeared exactly when Nissan plans to start mass manufacturing the Leaf in Smyrna, Tennessee. A plant will produce 200,000 lithium ion battery modules annually, supplying a new Leaf facility which will offer US dealers around 150,000 EVs a year. Nissan has invested $1.6 billion in this US project, part of the multi-site Leaf manufacturing program worth $5 billion.