Nissan celebrates the Skyline series with poster collection image

The Nissan Skyline series is certainly one of the reason auto enthusiasts also look up to the Japanese automotive industry, with images of the GT-R and others coming out through its history that kicked off back in 1957.

Indeed, the Skyline moniker has been part of the Japanese auto lore since way back in 1957 – meaning it celebrates its 60th anniversary now. To celebrate the milestone, Nissan has come up with a nice idea – mash cool cars with beautiful art, combining each generation of the model with a woodblock print from famed artist Hokusai. Hokusai’s iconic imagery includes a giant wave with a tiny Mount Fuji in the background, used as the backdrop in this set for the original Skyline. By the way, the first and second Skyline weren’t coming from Nissan – instead they were created by the Prince Motor Company, which merged with Nissan back in 1966.

Nissan celebrates the Skyline series with poster collection 9

The anniversary images will be on display at the Grand Sumo wrestling location from May 14 through May 28, and maybe Nissan will think of taking these to print form as posters – a great decoration for a Skyline fan’s garage. By the way, in 2016 Japfest, Europe’s biggest show for both Japanese cars and culture, found the Skyline to be the “Most Iconic Japanese Car Ever”, coming on front of the Toyota Supra and Subaru Impreza WRX.