Nissan CEO Expects to Have Sold 100,000 EVs by the End of June image

Renault and partner Nissan expect sales through June to have reached 100, 000 EVs.

Renault and Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said that the two automakers might have sold 100, 000 EVs from January to June and that he does not see any strong recovery in the crisis hit European auto industry in the medium term.

“I am preparing Renault to several years of market stability, at best,” he said.

Reduced household items and increasing levels of unemployment have kept customers away from big-ticket item purchases and the auto market heads towards the lowest level seen in the past 20 years, after five years of contraction. Ghosn was the CEO who has invested the biggest share of his companies’ cash into EV technology compared to the other mass-market automakers.

This year Renault introduced in France the Zoe EV, which has sold more than 3,000 units so far in this market. On June 6th the automaker launched the model in other European markets.

“The Zoe is selling well. Obviously we are always impatient to see higher volumes but we have already sold more than 6,000 units in Europe,” Ghosn told reporters on the sidelines of the conference.

Source: Reuters