Nissan CEO Ghosn claims emissions cheats are a hard feat image

Carlos Ghosn, the chief executive officer of Nissan Motor Co, the second largest Japanese automaker believes any automaker trying to internally hide a massive rigging strategy just like VW AG would have a hard time concealing it.

Ghosn did acknowledge the recent scandal that ensued after last Friday the US Environmental Protection Agency announced the German automaker cheated on emissions testing of their diesel-powered cars in the US was a new “trust” issue for consumers when looking at global automakers. He refrained from commenting directly about the mishaps at Volkswagen – the company admitted it had cheated when it comes to up to 11 million autos – but did say that such a massive effort would probably involve a lot of persons from within the company. “I don’t think you can do something like this hiding in the bushes,” commented Ghosn, who serves as CEO both for Nissan and alliance partner Renault SA. He is also the chairman of their new Russian partner, AvtoVAZ.

The scandal that was ignited by the EPA accusations and deepened after the carmaker admitted to the mishap has raised numerous concerns that other automakers would resort to such practices – fiddle with the emission equipment on diesel engines to avert tough pollution regulations in the US and elsewhere. Volkswagen has announced a charge of 6.5 billion euro ($7.3 billion) – a record for a recall – would affect the third quarter financial statement. Ghosn added the scandal threatens all other global manufacturers as they are scrutinized by national regulators all over the globe.

Via Reuters