Nissan CEO slams Canadian subsidiary for poor sales performance image

Nissan Motor CEO Carlos Ghosn delivered a sharp criticism of his company’s Canadian subsidiary, saying that Nissan’s 5-per-cent market share in Canada is “absolutely unacceptable” and must be doubled.

Carlos Ghosn said he can’t understand why vehicles that have reached 26 percent of the market in Mexico and 8 percent of the much larger U.S. market have managed to capture only 5 percent of sales in Canada.

“Our market share is absolutely unacceptable for the kinds of products we are offering in the Canadian market”, Ghosn was quoted as saying by Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper. He stressed that Nissan Canada must hit a goal of 10 percent market share, which would at least match the company’s U.S. sales direction. “It’s engagement, it’s commitment and I’m talking about the whole team in Canada. I’m not singling out one person. I’m saying the whole team in Canada is not delivering. It’s not,” Ghosn said.

Nissan Canada said Thursday its sales rose 11 per cent last month to 6,420 vehicles, compared with 5,786 a year earlier, marking its best November yet. Carlos Ghosn is renowned for his straight talk and for setting aggressive sales and profit targets that most of the time are met.

  • NBT

    And why should Nissan have more than 5% of the market? They are not doing anything right to attract customers, and worse, they don't know how to retain current ones. Overpriced product compared to U.S. pricing, parts delivery problems, and customer service that has declined since they outsourced to a third-party call centre with uneducated people making poor wages that don't know how to properly serve customers. God help you if you need help beyond the dealer, you aren't going to get it now. The other companies are much more in tune with the Canadian customer and serve the much better.