Nissan Close to Unveiling First Datsun Model in India image

Nissan’s first vehicle of the revived Datsun brand will be unveiled in New Delhi, on July 15th.

The new Datsun vehicles will first hit the Indian, South African, Russian and Indonesian markets, and the vehicles will be manufactured in each of these countries. Even if some expected the Datsuns to have entry-level prices, Nissan said the brand will not be a bargain-basement one.

Nissan has eliminated the Datsun brand in 1981, when its vehicles were sold mostly in Europe and North America. During the 1980s oil shocks Datsun vehicles were very popular due to their fuel economy. Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn relies on the brand’s updated technology to help Datsun get recognition in emerging markets.

“Nissan realized there is huge potential in emerging markets for which it needs more affordable models,” said Ammar Master, an analyst at LMC Automotive in Bangkok. “Without Datsun, the automaker will find it difficult to grow fast in emerging markets.”

Ghosn said that currently Nissan does not offer cheap passenger vehicles in markets such as Indonesia, Russia and India, where the segment accounts for almost 40% of the market. Datsun’s targeted customers are the ones that upgrade from used cars and motorcycles, a move which will offer the automaker the possibility to reach a new market segment.

Source: Autonews