Nissan confirmed that it recently suffered a major cyber attack , but doesn’t know who executed the operation or what information was extracted.

On April 13th, Nissan was hacked by unknown attackers who swiped employees’ IDs and encrypted passwords after planting a computer virus on the company’s computer systems. The company waited until April 20th to reveal the intrusion, to give authorities more time to investigate the incident. But it seems that the investigation didn’t give the company the answers it needed.

“As a result of our swift and deliberate actions we believe that our systems are secure and that no customer, employee or program data has been compromised… However, we believe that user IDs and hashed passwords were transmitted. We have no indication that any personal information and emails have been compromised,” he added.

The company was not legally required to report the incident since no sensitive data about employees, customers or business operations was taken in attack. Nissan found no evidence that the user IDs and passwords that had been taken were used for ill gain. Nissan used in-house security experts and hired a third-party security consultant to look into the attack.


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