Nissan confirming Leaf Nismo image

The Japanese based automaker Nissan has recently announced its plans to develop a production version of the Leaf Nismo.

Rumors on Nissan considering a Nismo version of the Leaf have appeared not too long ago, but before we had a chance to speculate them, the Nismo chief, Shoichi Miyatani, has spoken to Autocar and he has confirmed the production version of the model. According to the company’s official, no performance upgrades will be applied onto the Nissan Leaf Nismo and the model will only get a different aerodynamic body kit which will be inspired from the Leaf RC.

Our source is also saying that besides the new aerodynamic body kit which will be applied onto the Nissan Leaf Nismo, the model will also get a revised interior cabin and new alloy wheels, to make it stand out in a crowd. Nissan is still considering whether or not to offer the Leaf Nismo on the Old Continent too, but one thing is for sure, the model will definitely become available to its future customers in Japan. Additional details on the Nissan Juke Nismo are limited for the moment and will be announced later on this year.

Source: Autocar