Nissan crowdsources Titan pickup for adventurous project image

Have you heard of crowdsourcing – the process of getting ideas, money or things through the individual contribution of a large group? It’s the latest hype in social media and for startups. Well, it looks the auto industry has caught the bug as well.

Nissan, which is actually at its second crowdsourced project, after the 2012 implementation of Project 370Z, has moved to have a 2014 Titan customized by popular vote and than taken to experience the wilderness in Alaska.

David Guzman and Kevin McMahon, two men part of the Wounded Warrior Project (a US military veterans service organization), will take the crowdsourced Titan on a multi-day trek that would test their limits. Nissan would garner the publicity by documenting the trip and making a YouTube series, to be launched in September.

“This is going to be one incredible adventure,” said Fred Diaz, senior vice president, at Nissan US “The Nissan Titan is already well-equipped to tackle a trip into the wilderness, but we are going to push this custom-built version to its limits to give these fearless Warriors all they can handle and memories they will never forget.”

Nissan’s Facebook page already started accepting votes for the three different suspension systems that could be installed on the pickup – Access-Oriented, Balanced Capability and High Articulation suspensions.

According to the company officials, besides testing to the limits the pickup’s functionality, the project is also used by engineers to gather useful data, with their conclusions potentially making their way into the next generation Titan.