The Japanese automaker is looking to snatch a few extra clients for its commercial range at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show with a couple of new thematic concepts.

One is based on the NV350 model, imagining an ambulance for paramedics, while the other takes care of things that need to be refrigerated and reach areas where zero emissions are mandatory. The Nissan Paramedic Concept makes use of the NV350 Caravan, with the van actually being a showcase for the company’s technology and features imagined for technology and features vehicles available on the Japanese market. It even comes with a 1.6-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion auxiliary battery onboard to power the life-saving equipment, and there’s even cabin technology fighting the spread of germs. It’s going to reach the market next year.

Nissan customers ready for the commercial experience at the Tokyo Motor Show 11

Meanwhile, the e-NV200 Fridge Concept is all about being compact and still able to deliver refrigerated cargo in crowded, urban environments. To make it possible, the electric van actually has two batteries: a 24-kWh unit for the regular electric powertrain and a separate, 12-kWh battery for the refrigeration equipment, affixed to the roof. On the electric side we need to keep our eyes open for the arrival of the electric crossover recently teased by the company – according to the rumor mill, based on the new generation Leaf.


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