Nissan cut jobs, BMW and Ford temporarily idle production. image

Reuters reports that Nissan workers in Spain – Barcelona have thrown bottles, fireworks and fencing hey demonstrate against plans to lay off staff at the company’s plants. This happened, after Nissan announced that it will cut production and fire 1680 workers because of weak demand caused by the global economic crisis and new environment laws.
At the same time, BMW Ag announced that plans to close one of its factories (Regensburg plant near Munich ) for an additional 14 days over the winter break, eliminating 9,000 vehicles. This will reduce production by 40.000 units.

Also, Ford announced that will temporarily close nine North American factories before the end of the year to reduce production after an 18% drop in U.S. sales this year. 23.000 us workers from Kentucky, Mexico, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Ontario will be affected. With this idle, Ford wants to reduce its production by 211.000 units, or by 33%.

Source: Reuters