Nissan Delivers Three Versa Note Hatchbacks in Boxes image

Nissan announced that in the following days it will deliver three of the new Versa Note hatchbacks in boxes from

This move is part of a larger promotion of the new Versa Note through Amazon aimed at creating buzz for the model. The new Versa Note hit the market this summer without any major ad campaign in the US. Nissan also announced it will offer $1,000 gift cards for the first 100 buyers of the model through an link to an automaker’s dealer.

The three lucky buyers who will receive their cars in boxes shall expect video crews which will film the deliveries. Could this replace the major ad campaign the Note never had?

“We’re trying some new ideas,” says Vinay Shahani, Nissan’s director of marketing communications and media. “It’s an experiment. It’s a way to dip our toes into the idea of co-branding to build a buzz.”

Customers who enter will be able to purchase the Note online and also read the vehicle’s description exactly like any other product on the shopping site. The only difference is that customers who want more information about the model will be directed to a Nissan factory Web site and linked to a dealership.