Nissan Duster is closer to the production line image

The Japanese based automaker Nissan is planning to produce its very own version of the Duster, which may hit the market over the following years as the Terrano.

Rumors on Nissan considering its very own version of the Duster have been around ever since Nissan couldn’t simply stay aside and watch the French based carmaker get all the juice. According to the guys at Autocar India, the new Nissan Duster will be sold as the Terrano, even if it won’t have anything to do with the “classic” name.

The brand new Nissan low-cost SUV, which will be based on the Dacia Duster, will get a completely new front fascia, a modified rear end and probably some tweaks in the cabin. The same platform and some panels will be maintained on the model, along with the interior design and engine lineup. This can only mean one thing, which is that Renault isn’t planning to develop a second generation of the Duster anytime soon. Additional details on the Nissan Duster / Terrano are limited for the moment and will probably be announced over the following months.

Image Source: Autocar India