The Japanese automaker is trying to deliver the perfect vehicle for the new world that requires flexible work and “hotdesking” abilities – people working when they want, where they want.

The main idea is that when you’re a flexible hotdesker, you don’t always get access to a fully-equipped office. Bu the Nissan e-NV200 Workspace concept comes in to save the day, as the automaker claims this is the first battery-powered, zero-emissions mobile office. The concept’s 151.8 cubic feet (4.3 cubic meters) load space has been reworked by a renowned design workshop – Studio Hardie, a specialist in making use of the most cramped spaces. On one side there’s a desk that folds to allow access to a touchscreen computer, wireless mouse and keyboard, and stationary storage. On the other side there’s counter from which rises a barista-grade coffee machine and up front there’s a pair of office chairs, one of which can be moved to the desk. In between is found a wooden console that hides a mini fridge draw, a wireless phone charging pad, and a Bluetooth speaker.

Other amenities include a panoramic roof, oak flooring and smartphone-controlled LED lighting – as well as a folding bike hung from the rear door and even a pull-out deck at the back. “The Nissan e-NV200 is already a smart, sustainable transport solution for forward-thinking businesses, making it the ideal vehicle to be used as the basis for a mobile workplace,” commented Nissan Europe EV boss Gareth Dunsmore.