Nissan Electric Futures delivers the company’s green plans image

The Japanese automaker has decided to not only showcase the Euro-spec Leaf on its own, but use its Electric Futures 3.0 event held in Oslo, Norway, as a way to expand its electrification strategy and also deliver the latest novelties in the field.

The Electric Futures event included the reveal of the European version of the standard second generation Leaf – packing a NEDC 235-mile (378-kilometer) range, but also other interesting technologies. The Euro-spec has the exact same credentials as the Japanese version, including the availability of the ProPILOT advanced driver assistance system and most of all the ProPILOT Park for fully autonomous parking. Charging will be supported by the extended European CHAdeMO Quick Charging network.

Nissan Electric Futures delivers the company’s green plans 0

Besides the new model announcements, Nissan also revealed its commitment to infrastructure expansion – a 20 percent increase in the following 18 months, all working on the EV fast charging standard CHAdeMO. The company already has over 4600 quick chargers in Europe and plans to install a further 1000 on highways, in towns, and throughout key European cities. Besides public chargers, Nissan is also investing in the 2018 range of home and office charging units – the new 7kW home charger reduces the charging time by 70% compared to the previous technology. Go for the new 22kW charger for fleet and business owners, and an EV can be fully recharged in just two hours.