Nissan Ellure at LA Auto Show image

Nissan names its Ellure concept “the sedan re-imagined,” previewing what sort of design is possible for its forthcoming four-door range.

Nissan’s Ellure Concept is a front-drive sedan that utilizes a next-generation hybrid powertrain and is styled as an expression of the company’s new sedan design language.

The Ellure’s exterior is defined by a deeply skirted front fascia and a bold solid-transparent front grille with small openings, which direct the wind over and under the body. The full underbody pan, molded side rearview camera housings, and small wheel openings add to the design of the vehicle while the 21-inch 5-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels complete the look.

At 190 inches long, 72 inches wide, and 57 inches high, the Ellure is about the same length and width as the 2011 Nissan Altima, though it’s several inches lower. Its wheelbase is several inches longer than the Altima’s though (potentially indicating a roomy interior), at 114 inches.

The Nissan Ellure Concept is powered by a supercharged 2.5-liter 240 hp and 258 lb-ft and a 25-kilowatt electric motor, mated to the Xtronic CVT transmission and a front-wheel-drive layout. The automaker says the concept uses regenerative braking and an advanced drive-by-wire electric/hydraulic steering system to ensure that the Ellure is as involving as possible for drivers out on the road.