Nissan EVs Tested in New York while Standard Debate Goes On image

Nissan provides New York fuel-efficient cabs for testing, including 6 electric cars, though the company is aware of the ongoing debate on charging standards for EVs.

Nissan Executive Vice President Andy Palmer declared the debate is still going on and it’s about whether New York to adopt the CHAdeMo used by Nissan, or the competing one called Combo backed by General Motors Co. and European automakers. Since the standards of the two companies aren’t compatible, Nissan tries to convince the city officials that its standard is the best.

“The disadvantage is that we are setting the standard,” he said, adding that Nissan was “engaged in that debate” over charging standards.

Nissan also declared that its yellow gas-engine NV200 vehicle will be used as a taxi beginning October 2013 in New York, and 6 Leaf electric units will be part of a pilot program in 2012. But there is still uncertainty on whether New York will choose Nissan or CHAdeMo.

Using electric vehicles, means the cities must invest in charging stations. But there are some electric-car competitors that came with the idea of using replacement batteries, instead of charging stations, for electric vehicles to keep them running.