Andy Palmer, head of Nissan global planning, said that the Infiniti EV has been delayed as the automaker plans to include into the vehicle more advanced battery and charging technology.

Andy Palmer also denied rumors that the Infiniti EV delay is a sign that the luxury automaker and its parent Nissan begin to lose interest in electric vehicles. Infiniti unveiled the LE concept sedan in 2012 at the New York auto show and the automaker said that the model is to be launched in 2015.

“Our heart is still in zero emissions,” he told Automotive News Europe in a recent interview. “It’s still within our mid-term plan. There are some interesting advances in electric technology we hadn’t anticipated when we showed the LE, which, by delaying a little bit, we can incorporate into the car.”

The launch of the wireless induction that was planned for the charging of Infiniti’s EV battery has been hampered by the failure of an important system to emerge from the rival technologies on the market and also from the lack of regulatory compliance. The automaker also wants to include the new lithium ion battery technology, which Palmer believes is worth the delay of vehicle. Nissan has struggled to attract EV customers, also helped by generous government subsidies.

Source: Autonews


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