Nissan said that it will expand the warranty for the customers that have bought the original Leaf since its introduction.

Nissan will offer to more than 100, 000 Leaf owners in Europe an expanded warranty which offers coverage against battery capacity loss under 9 bars during the current warranty term. The Japanese automaker warrants that Leaf’s lithium-ion battery will keep at least 9 bar out of 12 as displayed on the dashboard gauge for 100, 000 km or 5 years. The new warranty applies to more than 100, 000 Nissan Leaf customers in Europe, with 93% of them saying that they are ‘very’ or ‘completely’ satisfied with the EV.

“We are in a unique position of having over 10,000 customers in Europe and 62,000 globally using a 100% electric car everyday and over two years of feedback on their experiences. Our analysis of available data shows that our battery technology, which is developed and manufactured by Nissan with our partner NEC, is durable and reliable in real world use here in Europe,” said Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Paul Willcox.

The automaker announced that the new Nissan LEAF manufactured in Europe will hit the market this month in the Old Continent and will also benefit from the new battery warranty enhancement.



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