Nissan Expects Sales in China to Rebound in Three Months image

Nissan said it expects sales in China to rebound in the following three months, as sales for Japanese vehicles begin to recover.

“We’ve seen growth in retail year on year in March and year to date,” said Andy Palmer, executive vice president of Nissan. “When we are seeing retail growing, we can be pretty sure that within three months we will see wholesale coming back to a position better than the previous year.”

In March, Nissan’s sales in China, its biggest market, dropped 17% to 110,000 vehicles and 5.3% in 2012, due to the territorial dispute between the two nations which deterred consumers from purchasing Japanese-branded vehicles. Nissan was the most affected by this dispute, as the automaker sells one in four of its vehicles in the region.

During the last quarter Nissan’s sales in China dropped more than 30% and the company’s CEO Carlos Ghosn warned that the territorial dispute might force the automaker to revise its future investments in China. At the end of February Nissan introduced in China the Teana sedan, relying on the model to revive sales in the region.

“It doesn’t affect our strategy going forward at all,” Palmer said. “Obviously we’ve continued to invest.”