Nissan Frontier Attack Concept is for Latin America image

The Japanese automaker’s design center in Rio de Janeiro has decided the Frontier needs a hardcore variant specifically created for the Latin American continent.

Which is why the Frontier Attack Concept came to life and is now being showcased to the public during the Buenos Aires Auto Show – and the best thing is there are good chances it will become a production model in the near future. The prototype is getting a 1.6 inches (40 millimeters) lift, fitting a set of larger Yokohama tires, but also comes with a stretched roof and larger seats. Other elements include the crimson shade and chrome black finish, tinted headlights, the 1980s-inspired grey “Attack” body decal, and the bespoke running board. Nissan has also opted for a luggage rack and red accents on the inside to compliment the exterior.

Nissan Frontier Attack Concept makes world debut

Since we’re dealing with a capable off-roader, Nissan has opted for a vehicle dynamic control system, hill start assist and hill descent control while the production model’s turbodiesel 2.3-liter engine with 190 hp and 332 pound-feet (450 Newton-meters) of torque has been left alone and is sending power via the six-speed manual gearbox. As a quirk, the Nissan Frontier is the only truck in its class with a rear multilink suspension and rigid axle.