Nissan further enhances the company’s “Safety Shield” capabilities image

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. is ready to demonstrate two new breakthrough innovations enable car to handle complex real-world driving situations, thanks to the aid of the new advanced sensors monitoring surroundings 360 degrees and the artificial intelligence.

The new innovations are being showcased on board Nissan Leaf vehicles, combining the company’s commitment to pursue sustainable mobility through zero emissions with its goal of a world with virtually no traffic accidents leading to death or serious injury. The new technology is also a step towards achieving autonomous driving.

First up are the advanced sensors. Laser scanners and Around View Monitor cameras monitor the surroundings of the vehicle in a full 360-degree circle, continually looking for obstacles, other vehicles and potential risks, as well as road signs and signals. The second one is the artificial intelligence, which enables the car to react to the data the advanced sensors collect.

Three new scenarios are being demonstrated at Nissan 360 for the first time: “autonomous side distance control”, which is used on the highway. It enables the car to recognize when the lane is closed due to obstacles narrowing the travel path, and steer to avoid a collision. Next is the “intersection entry/turn with oncoming traffic monitor”, which is an application for city driving. The Nissan Leafs at the N360 event are capable of passing through a junction while avoiding oncoming traffic. Lastly, we have the “overtaking with oncoming traffic monitor” capability that is also used in urban areas. The vehicle can detect a parked car at the side of the road, check for a gap in oncoming traffic, and steer around the obstacle when it is safe to proceed.