Nissan gives $950 to its customers affected by the Mitsubishi’s mileage scandal image

Nissan announced that it would compensate owners of the affected vehicles with up to 100, 000 yen (954 dollars).

Mitsubishi admitted in April it manipulated fuel economy readings for some of its domestic mini-vehicle models, including the two it produced for Nissan, namely the Dayz and Dayz Roox kei-cars. Renault’s alliance partner has just announced it has put together a compensation plan aimed to cover extra gasoline costs and possible refunds of tax credits incurred because of discrepancies between the vehicles’ original fuel economy figures and the updated ones. “In addition, the compensation is intended to acknowledge the concern and inconvenience caused to users of these vehicles,” the company said in a statement.

Therefore, current owners of all Dayz and Dayz Roox models registered by April 21, 2016, will receive 100,000 yen, lease and residual value loaners will be granted with 10,000 yen per contract year (95 dollars) – but if they choose to buy their vehicles will receive further compensation of 100,000 yen, while the former owners will also get 10,000 yen. Customers will be informed of detailed procedures for receiving compensation around the end of July, the automaker said.

Nissan will evidently not pay from its own pocket, but from Mitsubishi’s. The latter announced earlier this month it would book a loss of 50 billion yen (478 million dollars) to repay Nissan, suppliers and its dealers, following the fuel-efficiency manipulation.