Nissan, GM, Ford, Chrysler Report Double-Digit US Sales in April image

Nissan, Chrysler, GM and Ford reported double-digit sales in the US last month, which means this was the best April for auto sales in the past six years.

Pickup truck sales have revived as small businesses begin replacing their aging vehicles. Ford reported sales up 18%, thanks to its F-Series which went up 24%, Chrysler increased 11%, thanks to its Ram pickup which rose 49% and GM increased 11% thanks to its Chevrolet Silverado pickup which was up 28%. Nissan also saw its sales up 23% last month, while Toyota dropped 1% and VW 10%.

All automakers are expected to report April sales today and analysts predict an overall increase of around 10% compared with April 2012, accounting for the best April since 2007. Chrysler reported sales of 156,698 units, with the Jeep Grand Cherokee up 27%, Dodge up 18%, while Chrysler brand fell 13%. Ford sold 212,584 units, with the F-series pickup selling 59,000 units in the US and the Escape SUV sales increasing 52%. GM’s sales reached 237,646 units, with the Chevy Cruze up 21%. The Sentra compact and the Altima midsize were the ones which brought up Nissan’s sales.

“Relatively lower gas prices coupled with small business demand improving for trucks resulted in a strong showing for small and large pickups in April,” said Jesse Toprak, senior analyst for the auto pricing site.

Source: The Miami Herald