Jotech Motorsport has recently pulled the wraps off its latest creation, a specially modified Nissan GT-R, made for a customer in Brazil.

The Nissan GT-R is probably one of the most iconic cars to make its way onto the market over the last years and now the model is becoming even more interesting, thanks to the guys at Jotech Motorsport, who have unveiled a special modified one-off sports car. According to the company, the modified Nissan GT-R in question has been upgraded for a Brazilian customer and the model is coming with dual fuel pumps, iridium spark plugs and new fuel injectors, along with HKS stainless steel exhaust system, K&N air filters, polished aluminum intakes and more.

The specially modified Nissan GT-R in question has also received a Cobb Access Port which is coming preloaded with special engine mapping software, enabling the Japanese sports car to run on either E85 or petrol. Jotech Motorsport says that thanks to the modifications mentioned above, the Nissan GT-R can produce a total output of 550-570 WHP on 93 octane and 580-600 WHP on E85 fuel. The power kit is available from 7,750 euros (10,250 USD), installation included.

Source: Jotech Motorsport


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