Nissan GT-R GT3 hits the track at Dubai 24 Hour image

The Japanese based automaker Nissan has placed the GT-R GT3 model into the spotlights, after the racer has hit the track at the Dubai 24 hour.

The fact that Nissan was planning to introduce the GT-R GT3 model at the 2012 Dubai 24 Hour race isn’t such a new thing and we’ve actually talked about this not too long ago, but now the racer is here and we just had to talk about it again. There’s no wonder anymore that the Nissan GT-R is a fabulous ride and now the GT3 racer has to stand out of the crowd too and run all of that Japanese technology in Dubai, impressing everyone. But this didn’t happen and the model actually had some problems.

“We had a tough start today as we had a few problems with the car but the guys did a great job to get it ready for qualifying. The car worked very well and I am very impressed with the engine in particular. I love the GT-R and I love it even more now. We just need to keep it all together for the long race tomorrow”, said the first pilot to drive the GT-R GT3, Michael Krumm.

The Nissan GT-R GT3 has been driven by a team of racing drivers, Michael Krumm, Alex Buncombe, Tom Kimber-Smith and Franck Mailleaux. The Dubai 24 Hour is taking place at the Dubai Autodrome circuit which is 4.8 miles long.