Nissan GT-R successor is coming in 2018 image

The Nissan GT-R will get a second generation in 2018, when the sports car is scheduled to hit the production line.

After just a month ago rumors were saying that the Nissan GT-R won’t get a successor and the sports car will die with this version, the guys at the Inside Line are stepping forward and writing that the model in question will be reborn in 2018, when a new generation is expected to hit the market. Our source is also saying that the team behind the GT-R is observing the development of the new Acura NSX, which will be one of the model’s main competitors.

The main reason of why Nissan if looking at Honda is because the competition said that the new hybrid sports car will be faster than the GT-R on the Nurburgring and this can mean only one thing: that the new generation of the Nissan GT-R will also get a hybrid version. The next-gen of the Japanese sports car is also expected to get a lot more updates and carry on the short tradition of supercar killer for an affordable price and, even if the new model will come in 2018, it’s better late than never.