Nissan has the Qashqai crossover recreated in life-size 3D pen sculpture image

This is the largest sculpture of the kind ever made, delivering an artistic publicity stunt to the Japanese brand – the company is well accustomed to breaking records anyway.

For the latest marketing idea, it has asked for the world’s biggest sculpture created using a 3D pen. We have to explain what a 3D pen is – after all. It’s actually like a hand-held 3D printer, delivering a string of melted plastic that quickly solidifies when it makes contact with air. The work of art was created by a team of artists led by 3D pen specialist Grace Du Prez, and they needed no less than 800 hours to deliver a life-sized replica of the recently introduced limited edition Nissan Qashqai Black Edition.

Nissan has the Qashqai crossover recreated in life-size 3D pen sculpture 5

This special series has been created using the flagship Tekna trim, and comes with a styling package using black and silver detailing and 19-inch Ibiscus wheels, finished in gloss black. There’s a panoramic roof, as well as leather and satellite navigation-equipped interior. The sculpture is in full size, measuring 173 inches (4.4 meters) long and 63 inches (1.6m) tall. And it’s also entirely accurate – they only added the Nissan badge. The strings used would cover 8.6 miles (13.8 kilometers) in length. “At Nissan we always encourage initiatives where design can be expressed through new and innovative technologies,” said Koji Nagano, Vice President of Nissan Design Europe. “The artistic team have certainly pushed the boundaries of 3D pen technology in creating an impressive sculpture of our premium Qashqai Black Edition.”