Nissan helps you escape the smartphone distraction in a geeky way image

If we’re to believe Britain’s Royal Automobile Club (RAC), the sheer number of drivers acknowledging they used their phone in the car while driving has surged from 8 percent to 31 percent from 2014 to 2016.

The rest are probably just in the negation phase… Anyways, the issue is that today you’re more tempted to check the phone because it has become a smartphone, and probably the center of your social life as well. Nissan’s own figures show that one in five drivers has texted while driving – which is not only forbidden, but it’s also seriously unsafe. But the Japanese automaker does have a solution – the Nissan Signal Shield comes with two options, “giving drivers the choice between being able to contact and be contacted from the road, or creating a ‘phone-free’ space and time – a digital detox and a drive that’s free of incoming distractions.”

Nissan helps you escape the smartphone distraction in a geeky way 6

And to get that it will use a technology that is actually known for almost two centuries – the so-called Faraday cage, an invention that appeared back in the 1830s. The arm rest of the car will become said Faraday cage and when a mobile device in the compartment with the lid closed, the concept system will deliver a “silent zone” – essentially blocking all signals, whether cellular, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi connections. You can still listen to music via the USB connection, and when you need to reconnect, just open the armrest.