Nissan introduce revised Skyline image

Nissan announces the release of the new, refined Skyline Sedan and Coupe for 2010, which go on sale today at Nissan dealers nationwide.

Both cars now comes with a revised exterior for the Skyline Sedan and a refined interior, enhanced navigation system and upgraded air conditioning for both body configurations. In addition, the model grading system has been revised to includes new, more affordable Skyline Sedan 250GT A package and Skyline Coupe 370GT A package models.
Moreover, the seven speed automatic transmission is now available with the 2-wheel drive Skyline Sedan equipped with the 2.5-liter V6 engine.

In front are a new grille, bumper and headlamps. The fog lights are moved down to the bumper (previously, the fog lights were integrated into the headlights), offering a more aggressive feel. The rear bumper has also been redesigned and there is also a new 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheel design.
Skyline Sedan sport versions (370GT Type SP, 370GT Type SP, 250GT Type S) receive a special wider, low-centered body design for a more dynamic, sporty appeal. Changes include a new unique grille, front bumper, headlights, rear bumper and use of black trim for the inner headlamp panels.
The new Skyline Sedan is available in a choice of six exterior colors, including a new Dark Metal Grey (metallic) and Vibrant Red (solid).
The center console trim has been redesigned to express greater volume (AT models only), with the center armrest reshaped for better integration with the console. New soft materials are utilized for the console sides and cupholder lid and there are new patterns and shades for the genuine aluminum and genuine wood trim. The Skyline Sedan adds modified Beige and Black interior color treatments.
Enhancements to the instrument panel include white illumination for the vehicle information display and instrument indicator, as well as standardized lettering for speedometer and tachometer. The Intelligent Cruise Control system now works between 0 and about 100 km/h (not available with Sedan 250GT A package; a manufacturer option for Coupe 370GT Type P and 370GT).
Both Sedan and Coupe come with the HDD Carwings navigation system, which now offers enhanced entertainment features – including a built-in digital terrestrial broadcast tuner and USB connections for iPod®*3 and other music playback devices (offered on all models except Sedan 250GT A package and Coupe 370GT A package).
An upgraded intelligent air-conditioning system is also standard on all models, except the Sedan 250GT and 250GT A package and Coupe 370GT A package. Based on the intelligent air-conditioner’s new plasma-cluster ion® system, it features a revised indoor-outdoor air exchanger to enhance cabin comfort.