Nissan introduces Qashqai ProPilot, the company’s autonomous crossover image

The Japanese automaker has revealed its upcoming Qashqai ProPilot driverless vehicle will be manufactured in the UK starting next year, with autonomous capabilities on the highway.

Nissan has recently announced the refreshed Qashqai compact crossover will be its first vehicle in Europe to receive autonomous driving technology. The specific model will reach the production lines at its Sunderland factory next year, available for purchase afterwards when equipped with the ProPilot technology. Nissan says the system is a “stage one autonomous drive technology”, meaning it will be capable of autonomous driving on a single lane and only on the highway. According to the brand, the “introduction marks an important step in the brand’s commitment to make autonomous drive technologies available to the mass market.”

The Qashqai ProPilot introduction is the first instance in Europe when Nissan announces the availability of autonomous driving technology, with the make announcing it would step up its efforts in the segment after 2018 when it will reveal an autonomous driving system with multiple-lane control. Afterwards, at the turn of the decade, the next update will allow the driverless car negotiate on its own even busy intersections. The company also announced the entire Renault-Nissan group plans to have at least ten vehicles with autonomous driving technology by 2020, available across focal regions such as China, Europe, Japan, and the United States.