The Japanese automaker has initiated a new marketing campaign in the United States, which oddly enough promotes the all-electric Leaf by giving people who don’t own it free gas.

Instead of using the usual mechanism of promoting an electric vehicle – free rides, free tests or something else that directly involves the all-electric battery vehicle, the Japanese brand has decided to fight “fire with fire” – it will show some people what it would be like if they didn’t have to pay for gas. The campaign is set to kick off – pun intended – this summer in New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, New York, and Massachusetts and those interested in partaking should look for the #KickGas hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, naturally taking into account only Nissan’s official accounts.

Of course, Nissan isn’t going to subsidy those people forever, instead paying for free fuel three times in each of the five cities. You can say anything but no one can suspect Nissan’s power to twist an entire marketing campaign around just 15 gas fill-ups, which is something they would do in an hour at the headquarters in the US for their own employees, probably. Nissan is only asking the participants to share on social media what it’s like to go off without worrying about the gas bill – though we beg the question, why would anyone become interested in electrics after just one free tank of gas?


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