The first rendering which is showing us the new Kwid model with Nissan badges covering its body has just hit the web.

The smallest crossover ever produced by Renault, the so-called Kwid, has been officially unveiled just a few weeks back and, since then, designers have went bananas and created different versions of it, which showed it with Dacia and now with Nissan logos covering its body. The model pictured above is nothing more than a simple rendering which is showing us how this may be looking like if the company will decide to offer it onto the market. However, be believe that Dacia has more chances of producing such a vehicle than Nissan, but never say never (remember the Nissan Terrano / Dacia Duster).

The 2016 Renault Kwid is aimed towards the A-segment for crossovers and it will be positioned below the current Captur. However, if you are looking for it on the Old Continent, be prepared to be disappointed because the car manufacturer is only planning its Indian launch at this time. The model is using a 0.8 liter three-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline engine under its hood which, according to a recent report, is good for 57 HP (42 kW). These are being sent to the front wheels through the standard 5-speed manual transmission but later on, this is said to be joined by an automatic gearbox. Additional details on the current Renault Kwid remain unknown at this time.

Source: Theophilus Chin



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