Nissan Leaf available in Norway from this autumn image

Nissan Motor on Wednesday said that its electric Leaf will go on sale in Norway this autumn, making Norway the ninth market in Europe to launch the zero-emission vehicle.

At 255,000 NOK, the European and World Car of the Year will cost about the same as a regular compact family hatchback, but with considerably lower running costs. Running costs in Norway are estimated at less than 12 NOK per 100 km. The price includes the battery (which carries a five-year/100,000 km warranty), a five-year subscription to the unique telematic service, and EV specific roadside assistance.
Nissan LEAF is exempt from non-recurring vehicle tax and VAT in Norway. The car is also exempt from public parking fees and toll payments.

“We are confident Nissan LEAF with its family-sized practicality, zero emission tailpipe and ultra-low running costs will appeal to customers in Norway, just like it has appealed to thousands of other customers around the world,” said Guillaume Cartier, Managing Director, Nissan Nordic Europe.

The car also comes equipped with the following items for the Nordic climate:
• heated front seats
• heated rear seats
• heated mirrors
• heated steering wheel
• battery heating system