Nissan Leaf battery pack costs £19k image

The future of electric-powered cars seems to be compromised after an official of the UK Nissan Group has announced, in an interview with the Times newspaper, the price of a brand-new battery pack for the Leaf model, which is around 19.000 pounds.

According to the senior vice-president of Nissan UK, the lithium-ion power source has 48 modules, each costing 404 pounds to replace, which brings us to a total of 19.392 pounds, almost 1.000 more than the eco-friendly VW Polo BlueMotion.

“Our tests suggest that the battery will be at 80 percent capacity after five years, depending on charging and usage. It’s unlikely all 48 modules would need to be replaced. The cost of a conventional engine and transmission built up from individually sourced parts would be similary high”, told a Nissan spokesman to Autoexpressnews.

After the unwanted advertisement on the Leaf, first with the UK Top Gear and now with Andy Palmer’s interview, Nissan is coming forward and announcing that the company is also offering a five-year / 100.000 km warranty on the Leaf’s electric components, that also includes the battery pack which is designed to last as long as the Leaf.

“The price quoted in the press of £19,000 for an entire battery is not indicative of the actual cost. It is an extrapolation of the individual price of replacing a single battery multiplied by 48. Nissan offers a five-year/100,000 km warranty on LEAF’s electric components including the battery pack. This battery pack is designed to last the lifetime of the car. If used in normal conditions, it is not expected that owners will ever have to replace the battery pack”, said Francois Crisias, Section Manager at Zero Emission Mobility & Electric Vehicles Communications of Nissan Europe to

The battery packs’ price may go down within two years when the Sunderland plant will manufacture 500.000 packs a year and the electric motors will “live” longer thanks to wind and solar energy schemes.

“Since these batteries are new technology and low volume today, we expect the price of the battery units to decrease substantially by 2013 when we have the capacity to make 500k battery packs per year”, added Francois Crisias.