Nissan Leaf drops price in Europe too image

Nissan has recently announced a price cut for the Leaf in Europe where the “green” car is now 3, 000 euros cheaper than before.

After the Japanese based automaker Nissan has announced a price cut for the Leaf in Australia back in December 2012, in the United States a few weeks ago and in the United Kingdom just yesterday, time has come for Europeans to get a “discount” for the carmaker’s greenest model yet. According to the car manufacturer, the Nissan Leaf is now 3,000 euros cheaper than before and, after incentives, a French customer can order the model starting at 25,990 euros.

The 2013 Nissan Leaf is powered by a compact electric motor, which is “moving” the front wheels and it’s producing a total output of 107 HP (80 kW), along with 280 Nm of torque (206 lb-ft). The Nissan Leaf can reach a top speed of just over 145 km/h (90 mph) and its total range stands at 175 km (108 miles). When using a quick charger, the batteries of the Leaf can be recharged in only 30 minutes, while with a regular domestic socket, the time increases to eight hour.