Nissan Leaf gets price cut in Australia image

The Nissan Leaf’s starting price has been cut down in Australia as the Japanese based automaker has recently announced.

According to the car manufacturer, Australians were able to buy the Nissan Leaf from 51, 500 AUD until now but the model has recently received a significant price cut and the “greenest” vehicle in the company’s lineup is now available to its future customers from 46, 990 AUD. This is an attempt of Nissan Australia to shift more units of the slow-selling electric car to the country and this might just be what the model needed because the Nissan Leaf is now the cheapest electric vehicle on sale in Australia.

The Nissan Leaf has even managed to undercut the smaller Mitsubishi i-MiEV, which is priced locally from 48,800 AUD, before on-road costs. Those of you living in Australia and interested in the Nissan Leaf can order it with no deposit and a zero percent per annum comparison rate, or you can opt for the repayment package starting from 499 AUD on a 36-month term at 3.0 percent comparison rate. Nissan has only managed to sell 71 units of the Leaf in Australia this year, out of which 20 were registered between August and November.