Nissan Leaf going to Chicago this fall image

The North American division of Nissan has just announced that the all-electric Leaf vehicle will be launched in Chicago this fall. After having some “problems” with the UK Top Gear show and then leaking the price of a new battery pack, Nissan lost some potential customers on the European auto market but it’s now going after new ones over-seas.

“Chicagoland consumers want a transportation solution that uses no gas and produces no emissions, and the introduction of the Nissan Leaf to Illinois makes that a reality”, said the Nissan Americas Administration and Finance senior vice president, Scott Becker.

Over $1 million were invested into the charging infrastructure early this year in the Chicagoland area and the project will result into a network of 280 electric vehicle charging stations. The Nissan Leaf seems to be an interesting choice to Illinois residents, who will get $4.000 in rebates after the purchase of a new EV, along with the $7.500 federal tax credit.