Nissan Leaf: Restart problems reported by some owners image

Leaf, the world’s first mass-produced full sized electric family car seems to have some restart problems. It seems that the company has received reports of instances in which owners were unable to restart the vehicle.

Nissan said on Monday it was looking into the exact cause, which it traced back to the Leaf’s air-conditioning unit. Nissan is investigating whether the glitch was in a certain component or the programming, spokesman Toshitake Inoshita said.

At this moment, the company plans no recall, because the problem does not affect the safety of the vehicle or the passengers, but the final decision will be taken after identifying the source of the problem.
Unlike the Chevrolet Volt or ToyotaPrius, the Leaf runs on electric power only, with four doors and room for five. Two trim levels are available: the SV and upmarket SL.

Charging the Nissan Leaf’s batteries costs around £2 and gives you a range of up to 109 miles – although, spirited driving and air con use will see this fall.

A gently driven Golf diesel DSG would use about £9 in fuel for that 100 miles. To buy? The Leaf is £28,350 minus a £5,000 grant. Sounds expensive, but it has a lot of equipment.

The LEAF’s battery can also be charged at locations that install industrial level DC Fast Chargers—which can add about 80 miles of range to an electric car in under 30 minutes (80% of a LEAF’s battery capacity). These DC Fast Chargers are now being installed at a variety of strategic locations in all of the initial LEAF launch markets as part of the EV Project.