The Japanese automaker has decided to offer the Leaf S in a new configuration, removing the 24 kWh battery pack to make room for a larger 30 kWh pack that was offered on higher end trims.

The 2016 Nissan Leaf S version – the base model for the all-electric hatchback – was at first available with a 24-kWh battery pack, for an EPA certification of 84 miles on a single charge. The more expensive and better equipped “SV” and “SL” trims were on the other hand offered with a larger 30-kWh pack good for 107 miles. Now the Leaf is only available with the latter version even when selecting the base S trim.

The older 2016 Leaf S with the 24-kWh battery was priced at $29,010 MSRP, but now it will cost $32,450 (before any applicable incentives) when it comes with the beefier 30-kWh pack. The price increase also has to do with the standard addition of the Quick Charge Package. Work on the second generation Leaf is already close to completion and Nissan has already confirmed it will be offered with double the battery size – at 60 kWh – for an EPA range of more than 214 miles.

Via Green Car Reports


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