Nissan Leaf to get extended range in 2013 image

The Japanese based automaker Nissan is currently working on an improved version of the Leaf, which will hit the market next year with an extended range.

After the newest version of the Nissan Leaf has been officially revealed in its homeland in late 2011, the car manufacturer is planning to introduce an improved version of the model, which is expected to get an extended range once it will finally hit the market next year. According to the guys at, the updated Nissan Leaf will come with a 25 percent improved range, which means that the model will be able to travel for 200 km with a single “tank of fuel”.

Our source is also saying that this performance will happen thanks to the upgrading of the lithium-ion battery pack and also by improving the efficiency of the electric motors. The updated Nissan Leaf will launched in Japan at first, which will come as an entry-level version and it will be priced at approximately 26,000 euros (2.5 million YEN), which is significantly cheaper than the cheapest variant available now, at 38,000 euros (3.7 million YEN). More details on the updated Nissan Leaf might be announced later on this year.