Nissan might expand Datsun brand to Africa image

The Japanese based automaker Nissan is planning to introduce the Datsun brand in Africa in an attempt to sell more cars on the “Black Continent” and also to double its production capacity.

After announcing that the Datsun brand might be revived in markets like Indonesia, Russia or India, the carmaker is entering our news once again after a rumor appeared which is saying that the Datsun brand might be expanded to Africa too. According to the Datsun brand will offer cars as a budget alternative to new vehicle buyers in Africa.

“The Korean manufacturers, the Indians and Chinese are more aggressive in emerging markets. In order to penetrate frontier, growing markets like the African market, we need a product”, said the Chief Operating Officer of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., Toshiyuki Shiga.

Nissan has ditched the Datsun name back in 1981 in order to make all vehicles under the Nissan brand, even if Datsun has symbolized the rise of the Japanese automotive industry after World War II. Even if the Datsun brand has been left aside, the name is still known in several parts of the world so the name won’t come as a shock with a possible revival. The carmaker is currently producing 90,000 cars in Africa annually, out of which 50,000 alone in South Africa, but the plan is to double its production after a 122 million USD (1 billion rand) investment to the South African capacity by 2016.