Nissan models to come with powerful performance: Report image

 A recent interview with Andy Palmer, the executive vice president of Nissan product planning taken by Auto Express has revealed that Nissan Nismo Leaf would soon head for productions and could produce a whopping 125 horsepower at 236 pound feet of torque.

The car has no out-of-the-box specs, but will provide all standard integrations. Palmer in his interview has confirmed that a 370Z Nismo model is also in plans and would be launched in UK auto market. This model has already made its way in the U.S. market. According to his statement, it is expected that the GT-R model would get its Nismo treatment later in 2013. Where we are already aware that a Juke-R model will soon undergo production phase and can cost not less than $100,000, you can expect a low-performance Juke Nismo RS that still offers good performance at less price. The Juke Nismo RS will probably make an output of 270 horsepower from its 1.6 litre 4-cylinder engine.

Moreover, Palmer has also announced that the 370Z and GT-R models will be tweaked massively with an RS configuration and will be offered as next generation models. Though nothing is said about these models, but enthusiasts may have to wait until 2014. The 370Z model will boasts a very high ceiling and slight improvement in performance. If this is not enough then you will be amazed to hear that Nissan could also shift its mind to bring more performance-based model like the 545 horsepowered GT-R model that gets under its hood a powerful 3.8 liter V6 engine. As of now, stay with us to get updates on Nissan RS lineup which is already close to production.