Nissan names José Muñoz Head of Sales for US and Canada image

Nissan names José Muñoz, senior vice president for sales and marketing for the US and Canada.

José Muñoz, 47, who for the past three years has been Nissan’s senior vice president over Latin America, will additionally take the position of senior vice president for sales and marketing for the US and Canada, effective April 1st, 2013, replacing Brian Carolin, 56, who will retire.

Nissan took the decision to make this change as the automaker plans to surpass Honda as America’s No. 2 import brand, a task hard to be fulfilled considering its market share has dropped this year, while Honda’s has increased. Muñoz’ full new title will be senior vice president, sales and marketing, U.S., Canada & Latin America and he will continue to be responsible for dealer network development and customer quality for the entire Americas region. Muñoz transferred from Nissan of Spain to the Mexico job in 2009, after he previously held the position of managing director.

Currently Nissan has a 25% market share in Mexico, which it plans to expand by building new plants in Brazil and Mexico. Nissan North America’s market share has dropped to 7.9% through November from 8.2% in November 2011.